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Ancient winds


 Ancient winds


"New Vision"


Nueva vision
Cuerdas del corazon
La cosecha
Volando en las estrellas
Camino de los incas
Saya del milenio
Flor de cana
Vuelta al paraiso
Victoria del esiiritu
Mi linda longuita
Baila negra
Mi pequeno Kieran

 Ancient winds "New Vision"

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"Spiritual Feeling"


The Journey
Spiritual Feeling
Llorando Se Fue
Aprendiendo a Valorarme
Bailando Me Voy
Alegre Corazon
La Samaritana
La Vuelta del Chagra
El Comerciante
Vasija de Barro
La Campesina
El Transporte
Tres Bailecitos
Sairi del Ande

Spiritual Feeling, recorded in 1998 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, gives you just that with its magical rhythms which go straight to the heart and take you to new heights of musical experience. Here are several of the more traditional songs performed with liquid sound and divine inspiration. Again, Jose Cabezas demonstrates his genius on original compositions such as "The Journey," a song of mystery and wonder conveying his own spiritual journey from the Andes to the United States and back, and on "The Transport," a song which literally transports you to an ecstatic mountain festival of ancient times when the pure joy of the natural life was unhindered by subsequent indigenous poverty and despair. On this album you'll also find the overnight sensation, "Lambada," otherwise known as "The Forbidden Dance" or "Llorando Se Fue," first written by the famous Bolivian group, "Los Kjarkas" and popularized in Brazil; as well as other favorites such as the meditative "Vasijo de Barro," and "Sairi del Ande," a passionate song about cultural pride. An excellent recording which relieves stress and leaves you with a "happy heart."

 Ancient winds "Spiritual Feeling"




"Mystic Flutes"


Planet Folk
Mystic Flutes
Andean Ascension
Heights Of Macchu Picchu
Mountain Voices
Ancient Winds
Flight Of The Condor
Festival Of The Moon
Pajaro Campana
Carnavalito Humahuaqueno

Mystic Flutes, recorded in 1997 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, contains an uplifting array of songs, typical of Ancient Winds' style, ranging from the joyful, spirited San Juanitos, a traditional rhythm from Ecuador, and haunting, mysterious tunes such as the title song, which utilizes the deep tones of the giant panflutes, "toyos,' to indicate the profundity of the cosmos. The majority of the songs were composed by group founder Jose Cabezas in his own unique visionary style. The recording carries some of the Andean melodies which have proven traditional favorites throughout the years, such as the ever-classic song from Peru, "Flight of the Condor," first popularized by Simon and Garfunkel, "Pajaro Campana," and "Carnaval Humahuaqueno," a catchy tune evoking the spirit of festival time in the Andes. This album will call up for you images of mystic mountain heights, the riddle of ancient drums, the moon over Macchu Picchu...all in all an enchanting work of art to make your spirits soar and soothe your soul.

 Ancient winds "Mystic Flutes"





 Ancient windsAncient Winds plays the traditional and contemporary folk music of the Andes mountain region, which includes the countries of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.
The members of the group, led by Jose Cabezas, all hail from the highlands of Ecuador. Traditional Andean folk music utilizes various wind instruments, its identifying sound created by the haunting sikus, or panpipes, and the pristine flute called the kena.
The winds instruments are made from reeds native to the jungle and coastal regions of South America. Another integral part of the music are the stringed instruments, usually guitar, bandolin, violin, and the Andes-originated charango, a 10-stringed miniature guitar. Then there is the bombo, or goat skin drum, which provides the essential beat. The music originated with the Inca and Pre-Incaic Indians of the Andes, and was later influenced by both Spanish and African musical elements.

Ancient Winds is a family group, initiated by Jose Cabezas from Cayambe, Ecuador in 1994. Jose came to the United States in 1987 after winning a charango contest in his native country. He worked with a few different Andean groups, of which he recorded with "Markahuasi", before deciding to form his own group by bringing to the United States member of his musical family on cultural visas. The Cabezas family are well-known in Ecuador for creating some of the most popular tunes and rhythms of their tradition for several generations. They are proud to continue this tradition here in the United Stated by traveling to different festivals and events throughout the country, performing live and selling their original tapes, CDs and handmade flutes. They have three recordings to date, combining both popular traditional Andean tunes and original compositions by Jose Cabezas and Ancient Winds. Their original songs are innovative and dynamic, though still in the traditional mode.

Ancient Winds is an outstanding group, known and respected for their professionalism, personal charisma, and excellent musicianship. They are well-loved and received wherever they go, and have many favorable references throughout the U.S. They currently reside in the Bay Area of California, after having spent a couple of years in New Mexico. They continue to travel and bring their vibrant and upbeat, mysterious and moving music and cultural traditions to the rest of the world. Hopefully you'll be able to catch them at an event near you, or use them for one of your events if you are a coordinator. They look forward to playing and working for you!



Ancient Winds, Andean Music, Peruvian Music, Jose Cabezas, Anna Cabezas

Jose Cabezas and his son Kieran Cabezas (left and below).
The members of Ancient Winds carry on a long tradition whose musical inheritance is being passed straight from the heart down through the generations, as evidenced by the group leader, José Cabezas (shown with his son, Kieran). Music played on traditional instruments from the Andes relaxes the souls and moves the hearts of its listeners. The group travels extensively throughout the United States, performing in festivals primarily in the central and western states.

Ancient Winds, Andean Music, Peruvian Music, Jose Cabezas, Anna Cabezas

Ancient Winds Group Members

Jose Cabezas - Group founder from Cayambe, Ecuador. Composer and interpreter of traditional songs. Most of the songs and instruments (including kenas, sikus, rondador, guitar, charango, mandolin, toyos, chajchas and effects) are recorded by José. When José plays you can tell he really feels the music!

Patricio Arcentales - - The youngest of the group. From Piñas, Ecuador. He plays all flutes: kenas, sikus, toyos and rondadores. Patricio plays with talent and feeling and is very popular with the fans.

Luis Cabezas - José's brother, also from Cayambe, Ecuador. Luis can be called "the life" of the group. He plays guitar and brings a high positive energy with his perpetual smile and dancing as he plays. He also animates with his voice and always has a bright outlook.

Susana Cabezas - José's sister and the only female in the group. Sings occasionally and plays the bombo, a traditional calf-skin drum. Also, helps out with the public and sales at our outdoor events. Very sweet and brings a light, feminine presence to the group.

Anna Cabezas - José's wife and manager of the group. While not a member of the group, she does all bookings, publicity, promos, and some design. Often present to help with sales and public at outdoor events and the one you will contact with any questions or business.

Ancient Winds, Andean Music, Peruvian Music, Jose Cabezas, Anna Cabezas



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