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Andean Nation


Andean Nation "Contrasts"

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01 - Kanon In G Major
02 - Scarborough Faire
03 - Pobre Corazon
04 - Moon Over Tijeras
05 - My Heart Will Go On
06 - Chanarcillo
07 - Prelude In G With Ave Maria
08 - Waley Munasma
09 - Piel Morena
10 - Vasija De Barro
11 - Memories
12 - Longuita Otavalena

ANDEAN NATION takes its name as a result of continental musical fusion. Band members are from diverse parts of the Americas: Peru, Ecuador and the United States, With them they bring a musical expression which is unique and individual, uniting experiences and influences that blend together a myriad of rythm and raw instrumentation. Their music has continued to incorporate instruments in an attempt to create a sound which is beyond the bounds of the familiar yet retaining an element of the traditional. Although the folk roots are primarily from the Andean countries of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, northeastern Chile and northwestern Argentina, the music continues to undergo influences as a result of their travels and the introduction of new musical styles. The mainstay of their music is played through the haunting sounds of the SIKU, a highland instrument similar to the pan-flute. Also used is the KENA, a notched bamboo flute played since Pre-Colombian times and still found in many villages. The native wind instruments combined with the string instruments introduced by the Europeans, weave together melodies that speak of ages gone by. The group has participated in festivals across the United States. In schools and universities, ANDEAN NATION combines musical performances with lectures and workshops, providing students with a dynamic and positive perspective into Latin American culture.

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Band Members:

Wind Instruments: Andrew Taher, NEW MEXICO-USA
Andrew Taher

Andrew plays wind instruments for Andean Nation. He formed the group in San Francisco, California, in 1995 after playing with Markahuasi for four years. Born in the United States, Andrew was raised most of his life overseas as the child of a Foreign Service Officer. He spent his high school years in Santiago, Chile, where he became fluent in Spanish and had the opportunity to travel in neighboring countries Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. Andrew has resided in Tijeras, New Mexico since 1996.

Guitar: Fidel Gonzalez, Mexico City, Mexico

Fidel GonzalezA native of Mexico City, Fidel joined Andean Nation in the beginning of 2005. Playing the guitar since the age of 15, he has been interpreting Andean folk music for the last fifteen years playing with the band Native Spirit in New York City and the group Inca Spirit in Miami Florida. Fidel has resided permanently in Albuquerque, New Mexico since 2002.


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