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Andrew Vasquez



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"An American Indian" 1999
01 - Flying Low
02 - Sky Runner
03 - Spirit Mountain
04 - Shall We Follow Our Bro
05 - Grandfather's Way
06 - Walk With Me
07 - Summer Nights
08 - Far From Home
09 - Flying Free


Andrew Vasquez is a member of the Apache Tribe of Oklahoma but also considers Wyoming and the Dakotas as home. He has been a flutist since the mid 1980's and has performed the world over.
Andrew was married at a very early age to Myra Weed, a member of the Shoshone tribe of the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. They have been married for over twenty years. According to Andrew and Myra, "You could not find a couple with such opposite personalities and views." They believe that it is these differences that have made their marriage last. As Andrew puts it, "Without darkness there could not be sunlight. Everything in this world needs a balance."

Andrew Vasquez has long been known as an accomplished singer and dancer and in fact toured the world with the New York based American Indian Dance Theatre. It was while he was on tour with the group that Vasquez was introduced to the flute. He "made a trade" for a flute and began to fill in as a flutist for rehearsals. He was taken by the instrument and began to develop his own style and, eventually, his own compositions. Although Andrew doesn't play what are considered traditional compositions, he approaches all of his songs with a well-defined reverence and respect. He considers all flute playing a cultural contribution, be it for ceremonies, harvest, prayer, love songs or even putting children to sleep. Andrew composes all of his own songs and says everything he plays comes from his heart.



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