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Ecuador Manta




This Andean band originates from a small village called Atahualpa in Ecuador, South America. Ecuador Manta, based in St. Paul Minnesota, started in 1992. The group has a unique style compared to other traditional Andean bands. They have created their music style over the years by using the traditional rhythms from Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Colombia and combining them with more contemporary Latin and Caribbean rhythms.




Ecuador Manta El Carretero

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Yandex Disk

"El Carretero"
01 - El Carretero
02 - Muneca-Bonita y Mentirosa
03 - Dejaras
04 - Cumbia
05 - Me Hace Falta
06 - Por Esa Tu Boca
07 - Cumbia Corazon
08 - Sombrero D'Jyare
09 - Moliendo Cafe
10 - Vida


Ecuador Manta Caminando En La Imaginacion

Cover back

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"Caminando En La Imaginacion"
01 - Bandolero
02 - Suenos
03 - Popurri De Cumbias
04 - San Juanito De Mi Tierra
05 - Desde Que Te Fuiste
06 - Zaila
07 - Zorrito
08 - Cuando Me Besaste
09 - Ecuador San Juanito
10 - Baila Negra


Ecuador Manta Yarina


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01 - Linda Bella
02 - Jaina
03 - Cumbias' Potpourri
04 - Purimuy
05 - Tempestad
06 - Llactay Manta
07 - Ecuadors' San Juanito
08 - Taquirari De Verano
09 - Recuerdos
10 - El Patio
11 - Mataku
12 - Chenoa


Ecuador Manta Alegrando El Alma


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Yandex Disk

"Alegrando El Alma"
01 - Cumbia Corazon
02 - Sera
03 - Cristalino
04 - Ecuador San Juanito
05 - Socca
06 - Nasca
07 - Moliendo Cafe
08 - Taquirari De La Esperanza
09 - Alegrando El Alma
10 - Condor Pasa
11 - Love Theme From Titanic


Ecuador Manta Alborada

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Yandex Disk

01 - Wayramanta
02 - Angel
03 - Suenos De Manuel
04 - Mujeres Y Ninos
05 - Alfonsina Y El Mar
06 - Tierra De Bronce
07 - Ave. De Cristal Tupack Jatare
08 - Susurros
09 - Jaku
10 - Alborada
11 - Valle Montenegro




Alfonso Burga - Lead Guitar & Vocals

Alfonso Burga was born in Atahualpa, Ecuador. His family originates from Otavalo, an Indigenous community in Ecuador that is internationally known for its folkloric Andean music and musicians.

From the age of ten Alfonso has been playing Andean music and instruments.

Alfonso started Ecuador Manta in 1992 and has been the leader of the group since. The band sings in Spanish, English and Quechua, the native language of the Ecuadorian Indians.
Nationally recognized for his contributions to Andean music in the United States, Alfonso returns to Ecuador each year where he continues to investigate and share the traditional music of his native land.

Enrique Burga - Charango, Violin, Quena & Zamponas

Enrique Burga, native of Ecuador, began playing quena, zamponas,
charango and violin in at a young age. At the age 20 he toured Europe with other musicians from his home town, performing traditional Andean music. He has been a part of Ecuador Manta for the last five years..

Juan B. Ruiz - Bass Guitar, Keyboards & Vocals

Juan B. Ruiz began playing guitar and singing in his native country, Nicaragua, before joining professional musicians in Costa Rica at age 18.

He is a versatile musician who also plays percussion, string instruments
and keyboards and is a trained recording engineer. Equally at home with Latin Jazz, Folkloric Music and Salsa, Juan is the lead singer for Ecuador Manta and Latin Sounds Orchestra

Rey Rivera - Latin Percussion

Rey Rivera, native of Chicago and of PuertoRican descent, studiedmusic in New York City where he played and recorded with such well known artists as, Spyro Gyro, Jeff Jarvis and PeeWee Ellis of James Brown.Rey is considered one of the most innovative Latin Percussionists in The Twin Cities where he plays with Ecuador Manta and local Latin and R&B groups.

His improvisations and “bag of tricks” add a special Latin-Caribbean flare.


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