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Medwyn Goodall


Medwyn Goodall


Medwyn Goodall "Land Of The Inca"


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"Land Of The Inca"
01 - Chimborazo
02 - Machu Picchu
03 - Taruca
04 - Sangay
05 - Vicuna
06 - El Misti
07 - Atacama
08 - Viscacha
09 - Machu Picchu II
10 - Cordillera de Blanca


Medwyn Goodall "Ancient Nazca Inca Mysteries"

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"Ancient Nazca Inca Mysteries"
01 - Viscacha
02 - Chimborazo
03 - El Misti
04 - Atacama
05 - Taruca
06 - Machu Picchu
07 - Es Para Ti
08 - Ansiedad
09 - Andes The Restless Landscape


Medwyn Goodall "Nazca, Land Of The Incas"


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"Nazca, Land Of The Incas"
01 - Vicuna
02 - Nazca
03 - Powder Ice
04 - Kacharpaya
05 - Sangay
06 - Cordillera De Blanca
07 - Machu Picchu
08 - Cotopaxi


In Medwyn's own words :

"I have always been musical. By the age of 10 all I wanted in life was to be a musician. I taught myself to play guitar without learning how to read or write music and by the age of 16 I booked a recording studio and created my first album. From that moment on I knew that that was how I wanted to spend my life; writing and recording music in my own studio.

After school and a short art college course I opened my own commercial recording studio. It was during this time that I learned a great deal about recording techniques and disciplines. Throughout these years I developed my writing and recording by producing many personal demo albums, until in 1987 a demo I sent to New World Music received a favourable response. Shortly afterwards I signed my first recording deal with New World Music.

My career took off in 1990 with a change in style and direction on the album 'Druid'. Druid was based on local Cornish folklore and ancient sites with a deeply mystical Celtic flavour. The album grew into a critically acclaimed trilogy.

Always an artist that believes in creating different styles and absorbing new influences, I once again developed a new style this time working with panpipes and instruments from the Andes. The album became 'Earth Healer' and was acclaimed 'Album of the Year 1992'. Hot on the heels of 'Earth Healer' I matured the style by producing what has become a milestone in my career and a New Age instrumental landmark: the album 'Medicine Woman' which gave me my first gold disc. In the years that followed I continued to develop entirely new styles for albums that were to become my second and third gold discs. 'Way of the Dolphin' was a dreamy synthesiser and guitar project and 'Great Spirit' was an album based on Native American Indians featuring wood flutes and earthy drum rhythms - both equally expressive and melodic.

In 1993 I started what was to become a rewarding 5 year relationship with Oreade Music who are based in Holland. I continued to mature my music and techniques, creating new styles. Albums such as Antarctica, Nazca 1 & Nazca 2 and the Arthurian series were quick to become noted best sellers receiving critical praise.

In 1997 I returned to my love of Celtic music and instruments with the album 'Clan - A Celtic Journey'. Clan was always planned as the first album in a Celtic trilogy. Early 2000 will see the release by New World Music of the second album in the series 'Clan 2 - The Scroll'.

In 1998 I moved to an entirely new recording studio which I designed and built to my own exacting specifications. The very first album produced in the new environment was the sequel 'Medicine Woman 2 -the Gift' which has achieved no. 1 position in the Top 20 New World album charts. Returning to the sounds of Spanish guitar and panpipes, Andean influences, the album has already become a best seller and an album I'm personally very proud of.

1999 became a year I pushed my music in two opposite directions in entirely new and different ways. The first was 'Millennium' - I had often wondered what it would be like to blend those influences of Mike Oldfield and Vangelis with my own sound and develop a new more contemporary style that bridges the gap between rock-jazz-synth-electronic and instrumental music. My music has a positive edge to it, upbeat, uplifting, inspirational, motivating, highly melodic and 'Millennium' was no exception. It proved to be what is being viewed as a groundbreaking album that looks not only at where we've been, but where we could go in an optimistic way. It was my second new album in 1999 to achieve no.1 position in the Top 20 New World album chart.

The album 'Comet' is the opposite of 'Millennium' in that it is a fusion of classical orchestration and the latest in synth technology and spatial effects. A sound that fills your mind with awe and wonder as you journey through the stars. It is the perfect companion to 'Millennium' in that it allows us to pause quietly and consider the stars as our future in the next century.

From my home and studio in rural Cornwall I continue to develop and mature older styles of music and sequels, whilst always remaining interested in developing projects that break new ground for me. I always have and continue to write, arrange, record, and perform all the music myself. Many things can inspire me to write, but I find the seascapes of my home county to be an ever-inspiring source for my music."


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