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Quimantu "Camino Al Sol"

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"Camino Al Sol"
01 - Cancion de Una Esperanza
02 - El Humahuaqueno
03 - Desde los Carros
04 - Atahualpa
05 - Cacharpaya y Canto
06 - Mambo de Machaguay
07 - Cancion a Veleska
08 - Valentina
09 - Para la Mas Chiquitita
10 - Sacsayhuaman
11 - Camio Al Sol
12 - Maria Juana
13 - Del Carnaval
14 - Huaynos
15 - Otonos
16 - De los Tiempos
17 - Siku y Caja
18 - Liamas y Condores
19 - Sikuriage
20 - Collage
21 - Chullita Quiteno


Quimantu "Pilgrimage To The Andes"

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"Pilgrimage To The Andes"
01 - Suritierra Canto de Bienvenida
02 - Kyrie
03 - Gloria
04 - Credo
05 - Sanctus
06 - Agnus Dei
07 - Pueblo del Alma
08 - Ay Para Navidad
09 - Pastorcito de Belen
10 - La Navidena
11 - San Juanito Para el Nino
12 - La Yapa


Quimantu "El Condor vuelve"

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"El Condor vuelve"
01 - Eres mi palomita
02 - Pasajes
03 - Hojita verde de coca
04 - Coplas para la muerte
05 - La mama Juana
06 - Cristal en tinieblas
07 - Zumba que zumba
08 - Sin fogon
09 - Bagualera
10 - Adivinanzas
11 - Chacuma
12 - El condor vuelve




QuimantuQUIMANTU were formed in 1981 by the Chilean musician Mauricio Venegas-Astorga and since then have gained a reputation as one of the world's finest South American bands, gaining critical comparison with the major South American groups such as Inti Illimani and Quilpayun. They have developed a unique repertoire, which gives audiences a fascinating overview of the diversity of South American music and an insight into its musical connections with both Africa and Europe.

QuimantuFrom the haunting melodies of the Andean pan-pipes to the rhythms of Cuban Son the band is inspired by a desire to discover not only the past, but also the sound of the future. The result is a powerful musical message, which is a refreshing mix full of life and honesty that has brought audiences to their feet to dance in venues across the UK, Europe and Chile.

Quimantu provided much of the ethnic instrumentation for the 80's group "Incantation" culminating in the recording of the music for the film "The Mission". Concerts in London have included The Royal Albert Hall, The Royal Festival Hall and Purcell Room, the Barbican Hall and the London Palladium. They have also appeared abroad at prestigious events such as the Rose of Tralee and Letterkenny International Festivals in Eire and the International Festival of Music and Dance in Cyprus.

QuimantuAs a group Quimantu's exceptional music and talent is recognised and admired by many distinguished artists such as the renowned classical guitarist John Williams with whom they have recorded and toured. They have worked on a wide range of musical projects, producing a large number of albums and also collaborated with a variety of musicians and composers amongst them Richard Harvey, Brian Gascoigne and the Latin American composers Cesar Isella and Osvaldo Torres.

2001 saw Quimantu celebrate its 20th anniversary with a London concert that brought together guest performers from the group's many and varied musical projects including John Williams. The English Folk Dance and Song Society representative commented. "Thank you for such a brilliant concert - fantastic atmosphere and thoroughly enjoyable".

Film, Television and Radio
QuimantuQuimantu have recorded the music for a number of feature films. As well as their work on the soundtrack of "The Mission" the group can be heard on "Ladybird, Ladybird", "Hostage", "The Honorary Consul" and "Priest". Other television and radio work has included the recording and broadcast of a live concert at the Ashcroft Theatre by BBC Radio 2, appearances and interviews for the Radio 3 programmes "Ritmo" and "In Tune" and BBC Television's music education programme "Music Makers". Quimantu also played an integral role in the music for the oratorio "The Plague and the Moonflower" by Richard Harvey and Ralph Steadman, broadcast on BBC2 and featuring Ben Kingsley and Ian Holm.

Recent Recording Projects
SOCAVON, 2001 - the cantata composed by Mauricio Venegas-Astorga was recorded in Chile by Quimantu and members of the University of Chile Youth Orchestra with funding from "Fondart", Chile's equivalent of the Arts Council.

QuimantuPilgrimage to The Andes, 1998 - Includes the folk mass "Plegaria del Pueblo" composed by Mauricio in 1997 following in the traditions of such works as the Misa Criolla and the Oratorio Del Pueblo. It pays homage to the vibrant spirituality of the coal mining communities of Chile, their history and struggles whilst following the traditional structure and liturgy of the Mass. Plegaria Del Pueblo was premiered by Quimantu in Chile and at the South Bank Centre in London in 1998 and has been featured in the BBC World Service programme "Focus On Faith"




MAURICIO VENEGAS- ASTORGAMAURICIO VENEGAS- ASTORGA - Music Director, Lead vocals, Guitar, Cuatro, Charango, Electric Charango, Ronroco, Tres Cubano, Cavaquino, Kena Kenacho, Moceno, Sikus, Rondador, Irish Whistle, Maracas, Bombo, Cajon, Bass Cajon, Udu drum, Djembe, Chajchas, Sanza
Having developed his musical career outside Chile, the Chilean composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Mauricio Venegas-Astorga has always had a close interest in the external influences on the music, culture and politics of his country. Since settling in England in 1977 he has gained a reputation as one of the finest musicians to emerge from the Latin American folk tradition.

Mauricio has worked and collaborated with a large number of important figures in the British, African and Latin American musical scenes. These have included the internationally renowned guitarist, John Williams, the composers Richard Harvey and Graham Preskett, the traditional singer-songwriters Roger Watson and Robb Johnson, the African drummer Musa Mboob, the Cuban composer Efrain Rios and the Chilean songwriters Jorge Campos and Osvaldo Torres.

A former member of the popular 80’s group INCANTATION, the time Mauricio has spent working alongside and learning from musicians from other world cultures such as those of Africa, India, England, Ireland, Cuba and The Caribbean has enabled him to develop a very broad understanding of the music that he plays and composes. This wide overview of the whole spectrum that is represented by World Music has also lead him to be instrumental in the formation of several multi-ethnic groups including “Caguin” “Alianza”, “Jacara” and the “One World Band”

As a composer and songwriter Mauricio has written more than 20 albums and participated in countless film and television projects, with compositions being used for important soundtracks throughout Europe and world-wide in countries including Australia, the United States and Japan

Widely known for the specialist knowledge he has developed in Latin American and World Music, Mauricio has also contributed as an advisor and composer to a number of television and radio programmes including "Ritmo” and “Kaleidoscope” for BBC radio 3 and “Music Makers” for BBC TV. One of his most recent commissions was a composition for the Lincolnshire music education agency Soundlincs, along with Midge Ure, and Oasis performed by 200 young musicians in August 2003.

In recognition of his artistic contribution to culture and education in Chile and England he was invited by the United Nations in 2002 to be included in a project celebrating prominent artists from around the world in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the UN charter for refugees.

Whilst living in London Mauricio has maintained his artistic profile in Chile and was recently awarded the “Premio Municipal De Arte” in Coronel his home town for outstanding contribution to the music and culture of his country.

CARLOS FUENTESCARLOS FUENTES - Andean and Latin Percussion, Voice
Carlos was born in Chiguayante, Chile in 1955. He came to London in 1977 having been expelled from Chile by the military dictatorship. He has been working as a professional musician since 1984, performing and touring extensively throughout the UK and Europe with different bands such as Sambatucada, Viramundo and Negrocan.

He specialises in playing all of the many Latin and South American percussion styles ranging from Andean and Brazilian to jazz. He has also collaborated with a number of pop artists including Paul Young, and Mike Lindup from Level 42.

RACHEL PANTINRACHEL PANTIN - Violin, Electric Violin, Celtic Harp, Voice
Rachel is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music and completed the Performance and Communications Skills Course at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Her experience as a performer ranges from classical groups such as London Sinfonietta and Opera Factory to the Palestinian group Sabreen and the Chilean group Quimantu.

Composition work includes scores for theatre and dance companies (Aztec, In House and English Eurythmy Theatre) as well as a violin teaching book and arrangements for school ensemble. Education projects include the Bath Mozartfest and the Salisbury Festival and improvisation workshops for Pro-Corda, the national school for young chamber music players.

Jonathan studied classical piano from the age of nine, before switching to bass when he was sixteen. He started his professional career in the mid 1970s as a member of "Gryphon" with acclaimed multi-instrumentalist and composer Richard Harvey. He has subsequently appeared on numerous recordings with artistes as diverse as Desmond Dekker, Gordon Giltrap, Michael Nyman and John Williams, as well as performing in several National Theatre productions on the South Bank.

It was through Richard Harvey that he met Mauricio almost 20 years ago, and during the intervening years has worked with several recording and live line-ups of Quimantu. He is currently dividing his time between running a successful publishing company and recording as a session musician on a wide range of diverse projects.



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