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Raymy Andes



Raymy "Music Of The Andes"

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"Music Of The Andes"

01. Ven A Mi
02. Jumechi-Canutito
03. Rosita Andrango
04. Somos Los Uros-LLorando Se Fue
05. Carnaval De Los Pepinos
06. Lamento Indio
07. El Carnavalito Humahuaqueno
08. Seleccion De Cumbias
09. Tempestad
10. Yarihuangui
11. Seleccion De Tinkus
12. Sobre Las Lineas De Nazca
13. El Sicuri
14. El Condor Pasa


Raymy "Festivity"


01. Porotito
02 .Oracion Del Pajarito/Camino De Llamas
03. Cerror Paranal
04. El Aguilillo
05. Morenita
06. Seleccion De Vallenatos
07. Uchuhuallay
08. Seleccion De Sayas
09. Altipampa
10. Huaynos Punenos
11. Pucaicha
12. Kullawa


Raymy represents a unique sound of the Andean Mountains of Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Argentina. Taken from the Quechua language of the indigenous people of the Andes, Raymy means festivity. Raymy members play a variety of Andean instruments--Quenas, Zamponas, Rondador and drums, thus capturing the echoing melodies typical to the Andes.

Four excellent Andean musicians who individually have mastered each instrument they play form Raymy. They are originally from Bolivia, Chile and Peru. They combine their musical talent and experience in their native lands to bring us the most mystical array of traditional and contemporary Andean sounds.

Raymy’s members are:

Guido Moscoso - is Raymy’s percussionist. Guido was born in La Paz, Bolivia were he grew up to study percussion at the Music Conservatory. In Bolivia he performed with renowned folk groups such as Trio Oriental and Los Payas. He also toured throughout South America and Europe while playing with Bolivia’s Premier Ballet Folkloric. Guido has taught percussion in several South American countries. He has also played with groups like:

Nuevo Amanecer, (Europe); Runa Simi and Karumanta (USA).

Jose Luis Reynolds - is Raymy’s lead guitar player. Jose Luis was born in Colquiri, Department of La Paz in Bolivia and started playing and performing Andean Music when he was 13 years old. Jose Luis has performed with several groups. While still in high school he formed a group named "Kollasuyo" in the mining town of Huanuni, later in Oruro, he played with group "Melodia" and while living in Cochabamba he performed with group Arawi. In the USA he has played with the Andean groups Karumanta and Inkuyo.

Omar Sepulveda - is Raymy’s charango and tiple player. Omar is a founding member of Raymy and he was born in Santiago, Chile. Omar began playing Andean music in San Jose, California with Grupo Kamanchaka, and later with Inkuyo. He also joined the well-known Andean Group Sukay with whom he recorded three albums. While in Sukay Omar traveled throughout the United States and Canada, participating in some of the most prominent folk festivals such as the Edmonton Folk Festival in Canada. He also played with Sukay at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. in February of 1995.

Miguel Sisniegas - is Raymy’s wind instrumentalist. Miguel was born in Lima, Peru and from a young age began learning and studying the different Andean wind instruments. He plays Quena, a notched flute made of bamboo with seven finger holes, and also plays zamponas or pan-pipes. Miguel studied these instruments at the School of Quenas of Alejandro Vivanco, a well-known music institute in Lima, Peru. Miguel has played with Peru’s National Folkloric Ballet, and before joining Raymy Miguel also played with Grupo Viento de Los Andes, (Florida) and Condor (Oregon). He has also appeared with Sukay on special performances. Miguel traveled with Sukay to Washington, D.C. to perform at the Smithsonian Institute in February of 1995.

Raymy performs at music and arts festivals, middle schools, junior high, high schools and universities throughout California, Utha and Oregon and they are regular-performers (three times a week) at the Fishermen’s Wharf Cannery Building in San Francisco, California.

Raymy’s Members Recordings:

Raymy’s Past Appearances Include:

Smithonian Institute, Washington, D.C.

Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Hayward University, Hayward, CA

Berkeley University, Berkeley, CA

Summer Concert Series, Foster City, CA

Summer Concert Series, Palo Alto, CA

La Pena Cultural Center, Berkeley, CA

Summer Concert Series, Truckee, CA

La Pena Juchit Ireta, Sunnyvale, CA

Millbrae Arts & Crafts Fair, Millbrae, CA

Festival of the Arts, Grass Valley, CA

Big Hat Days, Clovis, CA

Mountain Peddlers Antique Show, Oakhurts, CA

Waterfront Festival, Sacramento, CA

Folsom Chili Festival, Folsom, CA

Bean Festival, Tracy, CA

Prune Festival, Yuba City, CA

Music Festival, Clovis, CA

4th of July Celebration, Carson City, NV

Art & Wine Festival, Napa, CA

Sunkist Festival, Riverside, CA

Raymy’s Members Recordings:

Double Headed Serpent (Celestial Harmonies)

Andean Nativity (Condor Records)

Temple of the Sun (Celestial Harmonies)

Land of the Incas (Celestial Harmonies)

Socavon (Sukay Records)

Mama Luna (Sukay Records)

Through the Heart (Condor Records)

Regresando (Kamanchaka Records)

Music of the Andes (Raymy Records)

*Festivity (Raymy Records) 1997 production


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